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Legal Twin for Advoware

Legal Twin is your versatile digital colleague, trained to do a variety of specialised tasks for you. It's an AI-powered tool that's super easy to use and knows exactly how to help you get more done.



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The "Legal Twin" collates files, identifies parties involved and extracts important dates from your documents. By integrating documents and data from Advoware, "Legal Twin" creates a clear timeline that visualises all relevant dates and events.

It also offers an intelligent document summary function to help you quickly find and organise important information. With "Legal Twin", workflows are optimised and the efficiency of legal practice is maximised.

Pricing model

  • The cost of using Legal Twin is based on the number of professionals active in your firm. Each month, you will receive a certain number of pages for AI-based processing based on the number of professionals.
  • If you need more pages, you can choose from the following additional packages:
    • Basic package S: Up to 250 pages for €24 per month per professional
    • Package M: Up to 750 pages for €49 per month per professional
    • Package L: Up to 2,000 pages for €99 per month per professional


Please note!

The LegalTwin is currently only available in conjunction with Advoware Cloud Package. Further information can be found here.

Key Values

  • Instant access to insights - Get immediate access to detailed case summaries at the click of a mouse - without time-consuming information gathering and consolidation.
  • Faster case handling - Use AI-accelerated tools for improved document handling and case summarisation.
  • Improved customer care - Manage multiple cases more easily and free yourself from repetitive administrative tasks to focus on adding value for the customer.

Product Details

Target audience


Integration Available




Product Requirements

only with Advoware Cloud Digital



Product Type

  • SaaS
  • Document intelligence
  • Law firm organization