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Jupus GmbH

JUPUS - AI chatbot for lawyers

24/7 automated client acceptance with the AI chatbot for 3x more client inquiries. With JUPUS, you can automate your client acceptance process from the client's first contact to the complete file in Advoware. This reduces the effort involved in each new inquiry by up to 90%, relieves your staff and wins more lucrative mandates.

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With JUPUS you automate your mandate acceptance from the first contact of the client to the complete file in Advoware. Thus, you reduce the effort in each new request by up to 90%, relieve your staff and win more lucrative mandates.


JUPUS in 5 points

JUPUS supports you by, among other things:

  • AI-based pre-filtering of all inquiries to your law firm (whether by phone, email or website).
  • Digital, intelligent questionnaires for your clients
  • Structured document upload for your clients with automated PDF conversion
  • Digital signature of your powers of attorney & fee agreement for clients
  • Automated file creation at the push of a button in Advoware (no more typing required)

JUPUS consists of two components:

The AI chatbot for your law firm website

The JUPUS chatbot sits on your law firm website and actively engages your website visitors. Unlike contact forms, our chatbot uses AI to recognize the visitor's concern and asks for exactly the info you need to make your assessment.  This way, your secretariat can already classify what it is about, whether deadlines have already passed and whether it is a lucrative mandate. With JUPUS you receive more inquiries - pre-filtered and immediately assessable.

The JUPUS platform: Your central inquiry management system

Here you will find an overview of all incoming inquiries - whether by phone, e-mail or from your JUPUS chatbot. You receive lucrative new inquiries through automated e-mail templates and digital questionnaires. For mandates, you automatically generate your power of attorney and have the client sign it digitally right away. From the platform, mandates can then be transferred to advoware with one click and created as a file - typing was yesterday in advoware.


A minimum purchase of 2 users is required for Jupus. In addition to the monthly user price, a basic monthly platform fee of €59 (net) is charged.

      Key Values

      • Relieve your staff: Up to 90% less effort for every new inquiry
      • Benefit from AI specifically for lawyers and tailored to your law firm
      • More lucrative first meetings
      • Shorter process duration
      • 100% GDPR and professional law compliant
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      • SaaS
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      • Law firm organization
      • Lead optimization