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Methodigy GmbH

MAIK - Semantic Matcher

METHODIGY's structuring tool provides you with a tool specifically developed for legal knowledge work to systematically organize file information according to the legal relation method.

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MAIK - Semantic Matcher - STP-MAIK-Ubersicht


MAIK understands the context and meaning of legal language and recognizes related text passages, even if they use keywords that do not match.

Knowledge management with MAIK opens up completely new dimensions in contract design. When editing clauses or drafting new contracts, you always have the option of quickly and easily using related clauses from your files. MAIK navigates you unerringly to the files and documents that contain alternative clauses and relevant contextual knowledge for you.

MAIK identifies semantic matches in forensic files, such as lectures and counter-lectures. Across your files, you will discover text sections in pleadings that have already dealt with the topic relevant to the current case and can use them immediately.

Key Values

  • Outstanding knowledge management for all content in the Lexolution DMS
  • Easy and precise access to previously unused knowledge potential
  • Captures the meaning of legal texts and delivers excellent results
  • Finds related texts, clauses and passages of pleadings in previous files
  • Makes complex collections of clauses and text modules superfluous
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Methodigy GmbH

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German, Englisch

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  • On Premise
  • Private Cloud
  • Document intelligence
  • Collaboration